Dating in 1800s

These Award-Winning Photos Show Off Our World's Colors Whether it's the deep red chilli fields of Bangladesh or the brightly painted buildings of Havana, these award-winning photographs are truly works of art.

This Ocean Photography Captures the Magic of Water & Light Australian photographer Matt Burgess rises early each morning in the hope of capturing the perfect ocean shot. See the Transformation of a Fresh-Faced Man Into a Soldier Young American soldier George Camblair is the subject of this photo series, which was captured back in 1942. See 16 Amazing Pictures Taken On the Island Of Madagascar Welcome to Madagascar - the most magical island in the world.

These photos dating back to the late 1800s were collected by Connecticut College art history and anthrolopology professor Christopher B.

Steiner, and were created using a photo-multigraph or 'trick mirror' technique. Shaw in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the early 1890s.

From the construction of the massive Shanghai Tower to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a pupa, these videos are unlike anything you've ever seen before! Each year, the Siena International Photo Awards share the best photographs of the most beautiful events, people, and places on Earth.

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Take a look: Certain Photos Just Seem to Restore My Faith in Humanity It's horrible to think of the bad things in this world, but there are some moments that just restore your faith in humanity. Explore Poland's Epic Historical Architecture from the Sky Don't consider Poland to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

Two young men stare out at me from a small old photograph. A variety of websites offer tips and tools, and they have the great advantage of being able to provide visual aids.

On the back, in my grandmother's handwriting, is written "Grandpa King's brothers." At least I've got some information to work with, but I'm eager to learn more: When was the picture taken? Which two of my great-grandfather's brothers are these? Type of photograph To learn more about my mystery photo, I checked examples of photos in the collections of Andrew J. Both websites detail the history of photography, including samples of various types of photography, such as daguerreotype, cabinet card and tintype.

For men, look at vests, neckties, the fit of a jacket (loose or fitted) and how it is buttoned.

Since I'm no fashionista, I turned to websites such as Family Chronicle, which also has published two books on dating photos, for help in matching styles with a particular era.

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