Dating in aurangabad

This fiasco ensured fame for his name, as Indians took to describing the oft-shifting plans of their rulers as "Tughluq policies".Aurangabad then fell to the local Muslim rulers of Deccan who revolted against the Delhi Sultan.

He died in 1707 in Khuldabad near Aurangabad city and was buried there—the battles ultimately resulted in the demise of his empire too.

The city of Aurangabad was founded by Malik Ambar, the Prime Minister of one of these rulers, though the name of the city then was Fatehpura.

The region kept changing hands till the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan consolidated his hold and appointed his son Aurangzeb as the governor. He returned to the city again in 1681, this time as an emperor, determined to crush the south once and for all.

It is considered to be a masterpiece of Mughal architecture in the Deccan plateau.

The entire city of Aurangabad was fortified and huge entrance gates were erected.

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