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IVC flourished in particular along the Indus River and its tributaries, extending to more than 1,056 cities and settlements with a total population of over five million.Among the key centres of Indus Valley culture were the settlements of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kot Diji and Mehrgarh.

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People living in the villages have their own way of life which is quite different from the city dwellers.No one has yet established how Indus sculptors managed to anticipate forms associated with Greek sculpture of classical antiquity.In addition to bronzes, Indus culture produced a variety of stone sculpture and also red coloured terracotta sculpture, featuring images of dancing girls as well as animals like cows, bears, monkeys, and dogs, plus a number of unidentified hybrid animals and anthropomorphic figures, seen mostly on Harappan steatite seals.Following early efforts by General Alexander Cunningham, director general of the Archeological Survey of Northern India, the first major archeological discoveries of Indus Valley civilization were made at Harappa, in the present-day Punjab province of Pakistan, followed by Mohenjo-Daro in the Pakistani province of Sindh. Mac Kay, Ahmad Hasan Dani, Brij Basi Lal, Nani Gopal Majumdar, Sir Marc Aurel Stein, and Sir Mortimer Wheeler.Archeologists involved included Sir John Marshall, Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni, Madho Sarup Vats, Rakhal Das Banerjee, E. The most recent excavations have been made at Mehrgarh - a site discovered in 1974 by French archeologists Jean-Francois Jarrige and Catherine Jarrige - on the Kacchi Plain of Balochistan, Pakistan, where some 32,000 artifacts have been collected.

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