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St3n Ce: This dural ion indicates rh ar the abi lity is a sta nce , and therefore ends on l)' when )'o u will it 10 end.

Since m an euvers are extraordina ry or su pe rna t ura l abilities, not spell s or spell-like abilities, spe ll resis tanc e does no t affec t a maneuver.None: In a case where no saving th row is allowed, the savi ng th ro w line is omtne d.Savi ng Throw D iffic u lty Class: The formu la for J etermining a saving throw DC against a maneuver's spe cial effect is provided in th e maneuver's descri ption. For exemple, a stri ke wi th an irunatlon action of t sta nda rd act ion would effec tivel y have J duration of 1 standard action; th e effect ofth e strike is rtcd 10 th e action of mak ing the arrack. \'('hen the time is up, the energ)' sustaining the effecr fades. So D u rat ion: The effect of a maneuver without a dunnion lasrscnlv as long as if lakes you rciruriate the maneuver, Some maneuvers t lasr" less lhana full round Such isofren rhe case fer m:meuwrs Ihat deal ext ra damage on top of your nornul melee damage.

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