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I mention that at the outset as I should probably repeat what I said in that tenor review.

Topping this is a rosewood fingerboard that is deep and dark with no unwanted stripe.In fact as well as this ukulele having a tidy build it really is a very precise and decent build on the outside too.There are no gaps in the body joints dressed with filler, and it all looks incredibly well put together. It has 'that' soundhole smell that seems to be another Martin trademark - a mix of woodshavings and tru-oil. Fitted into the body by way of a dovetail joint (another Martin trademark making for a more secure connection at this point - necks are normally / glued / bolted) is a single piece mahogany neck, once again finished in hand rubbed satin. In fact I'll stick my neck out and say it's one of the nicest feeling ukulele necks i've come across for quite some time.In fact I never quite see the point of fancy compensated saddles on tenor instruments quite so much.This is just another little detail that I suppose goes towards the price and Martin 'quality'. We have a makers label with a hand numbered serial code.

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