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Another portion of listeners might be listening to only one Pod, so they would miss out on those (and a significant portion of the "mid-tier") if there wasn't that much supply.

Bottom Line: I don't think there's that much downside when they increase the offered variety and number of Pods, because who really says "if I have not enough time to listen to ALL podcasts of this network, I will listen to NONE!

Today, we announce the release of KIN: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack; released on CD, vinyl and digitally on 31 August via Rock Action (Temporary Residence in North America).

The album is composed of tracks recorded by the band for the score Episode Six of The Mogwai Podcast is now live!

As a presenter, you can use more than one Chat pod simultaneously.

Even if many of the creators overlap the listenership seems to be more distributed.If not for the twitter traffic there is no other digital footprint for the brand.We've been here too many times not to see the signs.Chat pod content is persistent, and remains in a meeting room until deleted.If you want to preserve Chat pod content for future use, send the content through email.

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