Dating profile for women samples

Even if you do like “walking on the beach” or “drinking wine in front of a roaring fire” leave it out – everyone says that.

After looking at her dating profile and photos, it was clear that Marnie, who had been working as an RN supervisor for many years, had what we call an could bring to the table.‘People have to imagine how they’ll fit into your life, so describing yourself as a “bookworm and internet addict” makes them feel they’d never see you,’ explains’s relationship expert Kate Taylor.‘Play up your love of anything sporty, outdoorsy or public – like concerts and exhibitions.’ Wouldn’t you know, profile photos that demonstrate you playing your guitar or downhill skiing – even if your face isn’t showing – get more messages.I’m looking for a fantastic guy to share some of life’s adventures, and I am quite happy to work less when tempted properly.My Self Summary: I’m a born and bred native Seattle girl, who lived in Arizona long enough to realize I missed the changing seasons and the Pacific Northwest. I spend a lot of time thinking about: On a typical Friday night I am: Catching up with friends or family, debriefing from the week--adult beverages often help...extra lemon please!

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