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Here, climate is tropical of the Sudan type, with higher rainfalls of 900 to 1500 mm per year.

Temperatures average 26°, except for the Chad Basin, where they climb to 28°.

However, over time, these rivers have deposited sediment as well, making Lake Chad nearly disappear in the past, this is a cause of concern, since when the Logone and Mayo Kébi flood, they meet.

This diverts water from the Logone to the Kébi, and ultimately the Bénoué, this has caused some scientists to predict that in the future, river capture will occur, depriving Lake Chad of one of its major sources.

The province's other rivers are part of the Chad Basin, the El Beid River flows northwest from the Kalamalou National Park and forms the northernmost stretch of the border between Cameroon and Nigeria.The Mandara Mountains at the southwestern border with Nigeria form the highest point, lying between 5 metres, with an average of about 900 metres.Mount Tourou is the highest point, at 1,442 metres.The province is also home to a number of lakes, the most prominent of these is Lake Chad.The lake was formed by a tectonic depression that has since been filled in by the area's rivers.

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