Dating royal copenhagen

The signature of the artist is therefore shown in a ring on the back of each piece in the series.

Most of the forms were designed by Nils Thorsson (NT).

At the beginning of the eighteenth century the first faience factory was established in Copenhagen, and other soon followed.

Although it was originally influenced by foreign models, Danish Faience quickly showed its own characteristics, but it was not until the World Fair in St.

Produktionen af fajance levede sit eget stille liv i skyggen af den blomstrende interesse for kunstindustri produktion hos Royal Copenhagen.

En kunstnersignatur blev angivet frst med romertal og siden arabiske tal for at ende med bogstavmonogram . BACA was the last of the many series that was a result of the long life experiences and experiments of the Artist Nils Thorsson.

I 1903 kom model- eller formnummeret til - sledes havde du dekorationsnummeret over stregen og form eller modelnummeret nedenunder. First mentioned internally in 1964, where it was mentioned that the series was developed on the basis of a new silkscreening technique.

Six young women-ceramist from Norway, Sweden and Denmark worked here for a number of years and created a series of characteristic faiences which are now known and appreciated throughout the world behind Tenera is threefold: the experience of Nils Thorsson, who worked as a ceramist at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory for over 50 years - the artistic tradition of the three Scandinavian countries and the six artists' own inspiration.

The Scandinavian studio was a happy place; each piece reflects this mood, and gives justification to the name TENERA, which means "The young - The Budding - The Spirited." Jungle serien i chamottestentj fra 1931 blev mrket med de tre blgelinier som Royal Copenhagen stentj.

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