Dating ruger pistols

Take your pick of .45/70 Government, a bullet used in buffalo guns; a .44 Magnum slug; or even a .410 shotgun shell. Optima .50 cal Black Powder Any bloodthirsty pirate on the Spanish Main would have put this muzzle-loading single shot to good use.

It fires a .50-caliber lead ball up to 1,400 feet per second, and it’s accurate to 50 yards--100 if you’re an expert marksman.

This yields exact distances and solid targets for precise shots. The range has been designed at great expense with safety as the number one priority.

Our targets run in a steel track, not on string or cable like other ranges. The walls are concrete filled masonry and the ceiling is concrete plank. Sessions last one hour but you are welcome to shoot as long as you want. Remember, shooting is related to calmness and focus.

Many of these bullet-spitting monsters come with shoulder slings and bipods for hunting, and fire rounds big and fast enough to drop bear, elk, and buffalo, or even puncture steel plate.

Does your facility support physically handicapped shooters?

Can I do a Corporate Event or Party at Openrange 1.

NO Steel Projectiles, Incendiary, Tracer, Exploding or Military Tipped ammo of any kind.

Give us a call 502-243-8282 Ladies shoot 2 on a lane for the price of 1every Thursday!

1 shooter/1 bench/1 hour: (then 15 minute increments) 2 shooters/1 bench/1 hour: Additional shooters: /shooter/hour (maximum four shooters per bench) Pistol Rifle Combo: /shooter/hour (split between pistol & rifle ranges) First hour, one shooter: (then pay 15 minute increments) 2 shooters sharing one lane: Half hour lunch special: (between 11am - 2pm on weekdays) Pistol Rental: each (must use Openrange ammo) KY Certified Conceal Carry Center Range Memberships Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun Rentals Paintball Rentals Events at Openrange Calendar of events and Classes Ultrasonic Gun 'Deep Cleaning' 5 x Ballistic perfect indoor rifle stations ..................... Programmable targetry - runs the targets out and returns to you. Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 .22LR Rifle SUPPRESSED Ruger 10/22 .22LR Rifle Henry Mini-Bolt .22LR Rifle Just Right JR Carbine 9mm Rifle Savage Model 12 .223REM Rifle Daniel Defense DDM4 5.56NATO Rifle SUPPRESSED Springfield M1A .308WIN Rifle Mossberg 590A1 12GA Shotgun 1.

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