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I did my masters and refused to do my Ph D because I saw the exact same problems with the career path and system that you saw.The current funding system funds project proposals of research groups, not researchers.The worst thing is, if you do make it as a professor, you end up having to spend most of your time (like my professor and many professors at my institute) in writing funding proposals, attending committees, doing administrative work, attending conferences, organizing conferences, etc. I used to be arrogant in thinking that those without a graduate degree are beneath those without, and that they will never go far in life. I see people I knew from high school that just went to college or picked up a trade, and they make more at age 25 than the salaries of assistant/associate professors at age 35 .

In fact, your ambitions go further: you want to become a scientist. D., of course, there is essentially no other way, you must become a doctor. Do you think that is fair after investing ten years of more in your college education and foregoing a regular salary?

What jobs in the private sector can I find after obtaining a Ph. It's not a lot of money, but it is good enough for the bare necessities. You may either leave your plans to pursue your own research, and find a research job that leads to a reasonable career, or you may decide not to ever give up, and end up spending countless years in poorly paid jobs until you finally get that coveted semi-permanent scientist position.

What is my thesis advisor hiding about my job prospects? How likely is it for a postdoc to get a permanent research job? And besides, these days, universities will generously pay for your education the entire* time. The jobs in the government labs may not be suitable for what you want to do, so you will be left with many hard choices.

The money wouldn't be that much better (at least not at first), but it is something that I actually enjoy and I think I would be happier with my life.

One of the biggest draws of leaving would be the disappointment it brings to my advisor. She is extremely reasonable and a very pleasant person to work with.

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