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, which is about changing practices of mating and marriage.

He doesn’t really phrase it like that, but he does point out sociological data showing that “more politically liberal young-adult women report wanting more sex than they have been having.” Regnerus says the percentage of women who said they would prefer to have more sex is as follows: [P]olitical identity today likely captures embeddedness in distinctive worldviews, sets of meanings, and ideas about the self and relationships.

It's also not surprising that more Democrats are feeling the impact given that their party lost.

Their general mind set might be more negative, pessimistic, and anxious, [which isn't] healthy for having a positive dating experience or love life.

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It should not surprised us, however, that those who (unconsciously) demand sex function like religion will come up short.

"Several report high anxiety and difficulty sleeping and others report how their sex life is pretty much non-existent because they're just so distraught.""Usually people can keep their political views to themselves but with this past election being so contentious and polarizing​ that's hard to do," added Alpert.

"​​People feel so strongly and as a result, their ideologies might be hard to contain.

Heather Wilkerson, a single Democrat in Iowa, wears her political feelings on her sleeve, literally."My profile picture on the dating sites I am on is very, very liberal," Wilkerson said.

"I am wearing a shirt with a cat holding a gun, captioned 'Watch out Donald, this one’s armed!

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