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Join us in a celebration of all things medical, from the 70th anniversary of the NHS to the 50th anniversary of the first liver and heart transplants.Learn about how 3D printing is revolutionising the world of transplantation, get hands-on with the Royal College of Pathologists and test your knowledge in our NHS quiz.“Previously discovered botnets of this magnitude displayed benign end goals such as generating Star Wars quotes en masse, however SIREN is in clear violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.” A Twitter bot is a software program that sends out automated posts on Twitter.Most work by sending out tweets periodically or responding to instances of specific phrases in user messages.Brain injury survivor Yoki reflects on the notion of defining herself through flashbacks to a former life.Know Your Type Blood donation is vital to the NHS, but most people don’t know their blood type.Take a quick and easy test to find out what runs through your veins, and how you can help save and improve lives. Join researcher and trainee transplant surgeon, Pankaj Chandak for a journey in addressing some of the challenges in complex transplantation in both adults and children using 3D printing, organ perfusion machines and cutting-edge surgical innovations. I Didn't Know You Could Get Cancer There Dr Steve Nicholson is an oncologist specialising in a particularly rare form of cancer.He’ll talk about the ups and downs of his Stand Up to Cancer research.

It must have felt okay because she texted back: ‘OMG’. The sci-fi sexbots of 70s cinema are being developed to recognize body language, speak and respond to eye contact.Zero FOX said Twitter was “prompt and efficient” in the takedown of the malicious botnet.(See also: .) “To our knowledge, the botnet is one of the largest malicious campaigns ever recorded on a social network,” wrote the research group in a blog post this week.Over dinner last month, a friend outsourced their girlfriend’s ‘erotic experience’ to me. To date, I’ve talked to 100 experts and everyday people about the future of sex. Through stories with technologists, scientists, filmmakers and therapists (who see into the most bedrooms of all), I have seen how technology is forming its own middle space in sexuality; located between the act of having sex with someone and having sex with yourself.Handing me their phone, I pressed a few buttons on an app…a frequency appeared. Our digital and off-line lives have become so intermingled that everything we do, including each other, has been affected. In order to do this, in a completely non-clinical, non-academic, human-on-a-mission type way, I replicated my super-scientific model I used for Absolut’s future of nightlife report — that is, talk to people. And the implications of this might make some of you feel a little uncertain.

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