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I'm in week 6 but my doctor doesn't see us until week 10 and will then discuss ultrasounds and other testing (we did an annual just a month or two before we conceived; and he had given me the test form to get blood work as soon as I suspected - so it seems like we've covered some of the basics that others are doing at earlier appointments.Anyone else had ultrasounds in Alberta - how quickly are they scheduled?I had one a week later because I opted to have the testing done for down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.I had one at 18 weeks for the gender and what not and then I had one when I was 34 weeks or so because I was measuring larger than normal.I got a referral to a OB and was told I had to have the 12 week ultrasound before the doc would see me (weird).I'm not high risk for anything, but it's a great excuse to see the baby, lol I think it depends on the Doctor and if you have any other issues.We also had two more ultrasounds that were 3D but we paid for those ourselves at UC Baby.

 At first I was choked about the idea of having to wait until March, but there is so much bloodwork and other testing that I have started to feel better about it. :) I'm also due July and noticed a bunch of ladies on the July board had ultra sounds already.

I'm in Edmonton and my first appointment was at 5.5 weeks for blood work.

My second appointment was at 10 weeks for pap, etc and I got my requisition for my u/s. My dr explained that because I knew my exact last period dates, ovulation cycle, and because I wasn't in high risk categories, that I wouldn't get an early u/s.

Its optional and some people don't want it done but it can give you an early look at your baby. My ultrasounds were all booked fairly quickly, we didn't have to wait very long at all for them.

Can you tell me more about the abnormalities testing?

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