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Currently, he's in his late 30s, got five kids of his own, and works as executive vice president at the Trump Organization as a manager of the existing properties portfolio."As a child, he spent several weeks every summer in a town four hours west of Prague doing father-son things with his grandfather [Milos]: fishing, boating, hunting.

) are coming together to share their experiences, advice, ambitions, and passions," she shares on her site.

"My parents were so solid at keeping us away from it," Eric told Instead of walking the sacred halls of the University of Pennsylvania, like his father, older brother, and older sister before him, Eric opted instead for Georgetown.

Bucking family tradition, he found success there, graduating in 2006 and currently serving on the board.

They are, it seems, indefatigable workers, teetotalers, and generally responsible people," , the Trump kids were "spoiled the right way.

Spoiled with great experiences, great surroundings, and incredible environments that really allowed us to see other incredible people and really try to emulate that." Owning his deeply-ingrained penchant for hard work, Donald Jr.

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