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The Steinbock company in Moosburg (now Jungheinrich Moosburg Gmb H) celebrates its 75th anniversary.Wap Reinigungssysteme Gmb H & Co in Bellenberg is sold. Gallen awards Jungheinrich the Best Practice in After-sales Service award.1999 On 20 October we celebrate the 100th birthday of our company founder Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich.A new international subsidiary is established in France.1963 International subsidiaries open in Netherlands and UK.1966 Land is bought in Norderstedt.The start of the first construction phase of the plant paves the way for the future growth of our company.1967 Another international subsidiary opens in Denmark.The first international sales subsidiary is established in Austria under the name Hermann F. With the reach truck Retrak a new fork lift truck category is developed.1958 To expand manufacturing capacity the new Hamburg-Wandsbek commences starts production.New international subsidiaries are established in Italy and Sweden.Jungheinrich lays the groundwork for becoming a global group.1954 Under the name Ameise a new battery-powered forklift model series is launched, as are the first lift trucks and tractors with driver platform.

For the first time revenues surpass DM 1 billion, 5,330 employees on the payroll.1988 New product sales, rental and used truck business, repair shop and service division are brought together under unified management – at the headquarters in Germany as well as decentralised in the sales divisions.1989 A new plant is built in Lüneburg for special build, small series production, and customisation. We respond to the pent-up demand for modern industrial trucks and warehouse equipment in the new German states and the former Eastern Bloc countries.On 22 October Friedrich Jungheinrich registers the brand name Ameise (which means ant) at the patent office.1953 The forerunner of Jungheinrich AG, H. The first domestic branch office opens in Mülheim/Ruhr.In the 1950s and 1960s Germany and Hamburg enjoy the boom years of the so-called German economic miracle. Customer orientation, technical leadership and outstanding service are deep-rooted in the history of the company. Maschinenfabrik established the foundation of our Group.

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