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Welcome back to the local Kitty Grooming Studio, where it's your job to take care of precious, fluffy kittens.Your schedule is busy today, as five sweet kitties have been left in your care so tha...You're a veterinarian at the local animal clinic and it's your job to take care of all of the cuddly patients who need treatment.

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The ice cold snowflake caused Queen Elsa's vision to go blurry, and now she's worried...This baby monster's favorite band is in town today and she has front row seats so that she can see all of the action up close.But lately, she's been having trouble hearing and fears that she won'...Baby Barbie was practicing her gardening skills when she accidentally grabbed onto a thorny rose bush and hurt her hand.She had plans to get her very first manicure this afternoon, but she won't ...

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