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It's important to bear in mind that some lenders will only want accounts, an SA302 or a reference, others require both accounts and an SA302.

Anyone with adverse credit will be restricted with the number of lenders they can go to depending on how severe and recent the issues are.

Things sometimes change when you use the more specialist lenders because they try to mitigate the increased risk against larger deposits.

Typically, with a 15% deposit you will have access to the majority of specialist lenders (there is one specialist lender who will consider a 95% loan to value ratio (LTV) in certain circumstances).

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If the loss was two years ago and you have made a recovery since, you are more likely, and if the loss was three years ago with a three year trend of recovery there are several specialist lenders who’ll consider you.Lender policy on income requirements varies widely across the market and can be quite complex, so borrowers declined by banks on the high street turn to brokers for help.Company director mortgage requirements in particular vary the most lender-to-lender and the real challenge comes with getting the right broker with the right knowledge and experience!Perhaps your company hasn't got a long history of trading, or you're not sure what can count as income or maybe you retained some profit in your company for tax efficiency or investment purposes and need a lender that will consider your share of the retained profits as income.Whatever your situation is, we will pass you to an advisor that has the right experience and the right expertise in this area to get you the best outcome possible.

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