Dennis trillo and bianca king dating

King and Trillo became a couple in 2011 but parted ways a year after.

The actress is now in a relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend.

The award-winning actor said that they only meet up for their work but they are not dating. Siguro dahil maayos naman kami, magkaibigan nama,” he said.

He sad that they had good relationship now since they have already moved on from the past. Dennis Trillo admitted that a lot of bad things happened on them in the past but he is glad that they were reported seeing each other so people would know that they are in good terms.

Pero hindi ko naman 'yon ginagawa on purpose para saktan sila," he explained.

Bianca King says she was able to move about one month after she and Dennis Trillo parted ways in 2012.

Only you can make that statement true..before that, wear your heartbreak proud." "Maybe you wanted it to last a little longer.Bianca King was also asked how hurt she was after the break up with Dennis Trillo, she just responded that the press must read the post she wrote on her blog, and was also published on Meg Magazine.The actress advised her fans and followers to read all the reactions on her blog, so that they can witness that more people sympathized with her as they felt what she went through on her relationship with Dennis Trillo.Photo by Alexa Villano/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – We know it wasn't the perfect ending when Dennis Trillo and Bianca King broke up back in 2012, but this one detail is the clincher.Apparently, Dennis broke up with Bianca via text message, confirmed Bianca in an interview with the press during her new show "If you have been lucky enough to experience the gut-wrenching, ass-kicking heartbreak that the best narratives are made of, you, my friend, are a champion.

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