Dirty online sex chat stories in bengali

Samyu: so usually i dont care to much for the colors riky_martin4u : which are dry and which are dirth etc.. Samyu: dr y mean normal..dirty mens used or washed Samyu: u r talking so silly riky_martin4u : achha i like thats way dheere dheere Samyu: ok riky_martin4u : ok tell me in hindi words 4 pussy,penis,boobs ,ass pussy hair Samyu: i feel shy riky_martin4u : oh comn Samyu: hmm Samyu: ok Samyu: choot Samyu: lund Samyu: jhaat riky_martin4u : aur Samyu: aur?

riky_martin4u : boobs or ass Samyu: ok Samyu: mamme Samyu: gaand riky_martin4u : ohh realy have any exp.

riky_martin4u : noo just amging coz she is cute ‘n’ sexy fig riky_martin4u : u told me wat u amaging Samyu: ok Samyu: i imahggine my husband riky_martin4u : ya wat he do with U Samyu: normal sex Samyu: what u imagine riky_martin4u : 1st u tell me in details pls riky_martin4u : hey in ur home other family memb…?

Samyu: yes Samyu: my inlaws riky_martin4u : aur Samyu: thatrs all riky_martin4u : no siter or bro ..? Samyu: no Samyu: ur family riky_martin4u : me & my parensts Samyu: ok riky_martin4u : ‘n’ in ur real family Samyu: me bro and parents riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : so when u com online Samyu(48): at times.day weekend so came riky_martin4u (48): ok not daily riky_martin4u (41): in night Samyu(46): not daily riky_martin4u : but ager baat karni hoo mujhe ya aapko then Samyu: ping me riky_martin4u : means Samyu: send pofflinemsg riky_martin4u : okk but on the time wanna talk riky_martin4u : if u don’t mind an we r share mobile no. boy Samyu: sorry.chatting.personal contacts riky_martin4u : its ok but give me just one reason 4 that if u give me ur no.

riky_martin4u : ya daily 4-5 times riky_martin4u : ‘n’ u no.

of Samyu: once riky_martin4u : which time riky_martin4u : ?

Dirty online sex chat stories in bengali-81

riky_martin4u : petticoat kaha sae jeans mei Samyu: no no //what i mean is the petticoat slip weared inside the top Samyu: i forgot the slip word Samyu: typo riky_martin4u : i m not understand riky_martin4u : thats riky_martin4u : wat u say pls hindi mei bolo na Samyu: there a tiny thin ..sometinh like ur baniyan Samyu: its called slip riky_martin4u : okkk riky_martin4u : bra or panty colourd Samyu: bra is light grey Samyu: panty .riky_martin4u : not wear pair riky_martin4u : or some atracti\ve Samyu: at times i wear riky_martin4u : ?riky_martin4u : u send me req for add inf Samyu: yeah riky_martin4u : who r U Samyu: i got ur id from my friend riky_martin4u : which one riky_martin4u : ur asl Samyu: someone Samyu: me 26f riky_martin4u : frm Samyu: kanpur riky_martin4u : tell me kis ne diya tha riky_martin4u : m or f ne diya tha name Samyu: some one..Samyu: why bother riky_martin4u : just asking to know kis ne or kyu diya riky_martin4u : ur real name Samyu: i am samyuktha riky_martin4u : wat’s this name Samyu: urs riky_martin4u : i m listen this 1s time riky_martin4u : surname Samyu: oh.a common name riky_martin4u : acha riky_martin4u : surname Samyu: goel Samyu: urs riky_martin4u : ohh rely u r baniya riky_martin4u : i m also baniya riky_martin4u : wat do u do Samyu: me sw engg riky_martin4u : in where riky_martin4u : which company Samyu: technosoft Samyu: u?Samyu(489): ok Samyu(49): ok riky_martin4u (490): ok now we r talk in hindi ok hope u don’t mind when i ask u give me the same ans.in hindi ok Samyu(494): i feel easy to type in english riky_martin4u (407): ya but i enjoy more in eng.

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