Disabled dating stutter

This momentary new attitude isn’t the person I am, and is one I refuse to allow to become part of me.

My stumbled over “I’ll think about it”, is not something I’ll do again.

We had talked briefly about my jackpot of disorders and at the time I think he truly believed that he could cope with it all. One night, not that long ago, we were curled up watching a comedy.

I always laugh hard at the sound of my own laughter, I’m a bit of a nutter like that.

So hold on to your screens, grab some popcorn and settle in for a dose of embarrassment and reality.

I’d been seeing a guy, let’s call him John Smith, for a couple of weeks.

Luckily Damon is equally as clumsy as myself, so laughing off incidents like this is a frequent occurrence.

I’m blessed that not only does he understand that I don’t want my illness to hinder my life but that I also need to pace myself (which as you all know I am rather terrible at).

After a productive three weeks in the hospital I’m finally back and settled in to university life again.

What a better way to celebrate than providing you with the next installment of dating disasters?

Whether I’m twitching and hitting him, panicking about new symptoms, or worrying about hitting my preorder requirements he’s supportive and helps to keep me grounded and calm.

He has an ability to make me giggle no matter my pain levels, and understands that I would always much rather laugh at my conditions than make a big deal out of it. However, our first date did start off in Costa Coffee.

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