Do looks matter in dating

However, if all you’re bringing to the table when meeting girls is “Looks”, then that will be your only card to play…which isn’t much.If you can present women with a variety of qualities in which to chose from, your “Looks” won’t matter 1 bit!

The average guy now believes that he’d been fucked in the gene pool when looks and attraction values were being trickled down through the hereditary loopholes.A woman who is very attractive might not give looks a high importance but an average looking woman on the other hand might want to date an attractive guy to prove to her friends that she is capable and worthy.So when asking the question do looks really matter to a woman you need to understand first how that specific woman calculates the total score of a man and what are the most important items in her list.If your verbal game sucks, you cannot lead a conversation and you’re socially awkward and inept, then the girl whom you’re chatting up has no other recourse but to judge you on looks and appearance since your other qualities are dormant or nonexistent.Most men garner their dating and courtship advice from the mainstream media and its auxiliary outfits: TV, magazines, Dr. Half of this dating misinformation comes from our parents also, but I’ll just deal with the media front for now.

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