Double dating ebook torrent

And all the sneaky, amazing tips and tricks which are promised just aren’t there. Be “cocky and funny.” And “don’t be a wimpy nice guy.” Um, ok?

This is like telling someone who wants to become a master chef to “not burn the food.” The David De Angelo products harp on this single point – don’t be a nice wimp – as well as the point that We agree that teasing is an essential part of flirting, it’s important have a backbone, and yes, meet a lot of women. But after reading the book, we weren’t left with much more than that. – You pay for “David De Angelo” to drive this one point home again and again – with various stories, anecdotes, and reproaches – while you keep thinking the is just around the corner!

Here is Eben Pagan – I mean, “David De Angelo” – talking about how he uses human psychology to manipulate people for greater sales: So “David De Angelo” is really just a damn good direct marketer, preying on single guys’ desperation with a downright scam?

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They seemed like a rehash of insights Eben Pagan once had with women – bundled, of course, in a neat, marketable package so as many people as possible would buy it.

This isn’t the only “seduction secrets for single men” product our team examined. “Double Your Dating,” while not quite the worst, was certainly not the best.

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