Double your dating affiliate

You'll see in the screenshot below the different headline angles I've taken for one promo... Go with results, testimonials, stories, tell them what they'll gain by purchasing, tell them what they'll lose by not purchasing. And make sure you know the best days to mail which I'm about to reveal below...

I mentioned this already but you should mail hard on the first and last days. Typically 20-25% of all sales I make will be on day 1.

Oh and one thing: Just make sure you are not 100% reliant on launches and especially not bonus income for all your income.

As if a launch doesn't go to plan and you don't make much or any're in trouble. More revealed on this later, but for now check out this sales maximizing tip...

As the simple affiliate lessons here apply to whatever affiliate network you use, especially if you promote digital products. But here's why that is and how you can take advantage of it (in an ethical way) and make more money... Your customers hope that they are going to discover some brand, new, system, no one else knows about that will solve all their problems. There's also the scarcity and fear of missing out when the launch is over and the price rises or the product goes offline.

First here's a screenshot showing some nice earning product launches I've taken part in to hopefully inspire you...

But make sure it IS something your audience actually needs and solves a problem.

Just because it's a high selling product and good doesn't mean your audience actually need it.

If you only mail once or twice you won't make nearly as many sales as if you promote daily through a product launch period.

I typically mail 3 times on launch day, twice a day throughout the launch, then 3 times again on the final day.

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