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return to top Law around the world is trying to control what is published on the Internet. In this talk we provide you a new way to publish your RSS feeds using P2P networks as a failover system.After wikileaks case and HBGary ownage everybody could see how there are many controls that can be used to close a website, a domain name and to cut the communication between the source and the audience. Dust is "only" a Reader but could manage P2P Feeds, multiples http feeds from the same source, and the most important feature, can migrate from one feed to multiple ones without any effort for all your attendees.He has been an ISIS field agent for 14 years and is in the DANGER ZONE.Twitter: @s__archer return to top There's a brave new frontier for IT Security - a place where "best practices" does not even contemplate the inclusion of a firewall in the network.Twitter: @chemaalonso Juan Garrido "Silverhack" is a forensics professional who had been working as security consultant the last seven years.He is the writer of two books about Forensic Analysis in Windows Environments and actually works as security consultant in Informatica 64.

Numerological analysis, ancient texts, and intercepted communiqués are just a few examples.return to top There is a long tradition of researchers presenting at security conferences on topics that are embarrassing to a large company or government agency: ATM hacking, router vulnerabilities, Massachusetts toll road RFIDs, etc.Many of these brave researchers risk lawsuits or career ruin to reveal the truth.It will allow attacker to fingerprinting internal software, internal networks and combine the info in PTR Scanning, evil-grade attacks and command execution trough Excel files.In the end, we are going to play with a tricky feature in security policies about remote excel that will allow hackers to bypass macro restrictions.

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