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It will feature popular PC-based games from well-known game publishers.

Mplayer's features will include voice-capable games and chat rooms where players can converse as they play the games, watch games in progress and choose teams or opponents.

Third parties that licensed this technology included companies like Electronic Arts and Fujitsu.

The service at its peak was host to a community of more than 20 million visitors each month and offered more than 100 games.

That along with their initial subscription fee that was required to use its service limited its early growth.

Mplayer gained popularity after making its service available for free to all users in early 1997, and by early 1998 had attracted more than 125,000 monthly visitors and 400,000 total members.

They continued to add many new games to their offering.

Of course, we hope that players will eventually play for free - because they're looking at all this advertising.

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