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Each film set box office records, with the third included in the top 15 all time worldwide films.

Critics have given all three films positive reviews.

The Toy Story series consists of three CGI animated films: Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 (1999), and Toy Story 3 (2010).

A fourth film, Toy Story 4, is in production and set for release on June 21, 2019.

German Americans and those Germans who settled in the U. have been influential in almost every field, from science, to architecture, to entertainment, and to commercial industry.

[195] "The history of Penn Brewery making great German beers began with Tom Pastorius' great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Franz Daniel Pastorius.

The boy’s real mom (Sara Gilbert) and foster mom (Julie Bowen) are both rape survivors who met at a PTSD meeting. Dylan Walsh plays a man with two identities: One as a family man, another as a fake CIA agent with a secret fiancé. 16 Carol Burnett is a former Rockette with terminal cancer who gets her adopted son (Matthew Lillard), who she’s also sleeping with, to help her kill off her many husbands. 3 Stabler voluntarily gets locked up in solitary confinement for 3 days to try to understand why a convict (Stephen Rea), who lived in “The Hole” for 16 years, pushed him off a rooftop.

In a sly double reveal at the end, the real mom realizes the foster dad Noah is her rapist, then DNA reveals he is 44. 22 Two brothers got in a car accident as kids where their mother lost one of her legs and part of her face. The other grew up to become a psychiatrist who’s sexually aroused by amputees and performs body modifications on women. He rapes and kills his side woman, then when his family is murdered he blames it on his wife, but the gunshot pattern proves he did it. She also pushes one of her husbands (Vincent Curatola) out a window. It’s rare to feel genuine sympathy for a criminal on this show, but you do with Rea’s bank robber (it helps that he’s not a sex offender).

episode to open on a Nancy Grace-esque crime show featuring Star Jones? Benson also blackmails a guy who has a kink for licking boots. But most important: Benson pretends to be Stabler’s escort so she doesn’t blow his cover investigating an exotic animal smuggling ring. Maybe you check your phone, maybe you grab a snack from the kitchen now that it’s all over. When Darius’ (Ludacris) murder case from Season 7 goes to trial, he hires a dirty cop to dig up dirt on Stabler. 1 This has gotta be one of the most underrated episodes. But wait, there’s four minutes left in the episode… He later cross-examines his mother (a great performance by Lisa Gay Hamilton) where she reveals that his father, and her rapist, was her father. A foster child’s father (Luke Perry) is investigated as a serial rapist. A domestic dispute with his former partner ignites memories of his own relationship with a father. California and Pennsylvania have the largest populations of German origin, with more than six million German Americans residing in the two states alone.Americans of German descent live in nearly every American county, from the East Coast, where the first German settlers arrived in the 17th century, to the West Coast and in all the states in between.

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