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Learn more about using greetings from our Chat greetings efficiency report and Infographic. If you are using the embedded chat window, greetings are very similar to the welcome messages sent to visitors when the chat starts.Both greetings and welcome messages are displayed as the first message in the chat.Simply add the following props %agent% to the greeting text.When a greetings is triggered, the %agent% bit will be replaced with the name of an agent who is assigned to the chat according to routing rules.You should try to create interesting and engaging chat greetings to achieve the best effects.Try creating two separate greeting messages with the same conditions and run them both for one month each."Kinks" is used here as a broad term that includes emotional, plot-related, and sexual kinks.

Remember that the rules are compound statements joined with the “and” connector, so all the conditions of a particular greeting have to be met for this greeting to pop up.As an up-to-date business leader you should keep track of new technologies.But even if your sales is exclusively Internet-based, you can still learn from observing how customer service works in brick-and-mortars.However, greetings are more proactive while welcome messages are entirely passive.Welcome messages are displayed when visitors start the chat on their own by clicking on a chat bar or a button.

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