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So before you start getting all into the new video call features, think a bit.

Consider your friends' preferences and whether or not they might just want a simple Snapchat story or even an old-fashioned text message.

When the hot line is hung up and reality comes calling, the most meaningful relationship of their lives is put to the test.: Why would he go all the way to Italy without you? A humorous flashback scene is included to help explain their hatred.

Essentially, they hate each other because they're opposites.

If the new features makes it the "new" Skype, Face Time, or even Whats App, then it's no longer Snapchat.

For those who prefer texting, or texting images and GIFs to communicate with loved ones, adding a call feature and a video feature to boot might feel like an invasion of privacy.

Jodie Foster plays The Nurse, who runs a secret, members-only emergency room for criminals.

For those who don't already use Snapchat, the app's newest update might change at least a few minds.

The latest features, added last week, are destined to make Snapchat's video call feature the go-to method for calling your friends. While users have been able to video call using Snapchat since 2014, the latest update has a couple of bonus features.

Surrounded by an all-star cast that includes Sterling K.

Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, and Zachary Quinto.

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