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In normal language that means that logic occurs after emotional desires and that they post-rationalize their behavior by coming up with logical explanations they’ve done a thing. The person unconsciously thinks: I only do favors for people I care about, so there’s no way I would’ve done this guy a favor unless I liked him…

(Watch this video if you want to know more about post rationalization) Even if a person is unknowingly tricked into spending time or energy on something, that person will unconsciously post-rationalize it by thinking: If I did that, then I must have wanted to do it. The other way that you can use the Benjamin Franklin Effect is to establish behaviors between you and another person.

If you repeat this process the first few times you hang out with the other person you’ll quickly establish that as a part of the social dynamic.

You could literally get people to keep doing things for you more or less on automation.

Remember, if you can get someone to do a thing once they’ll be a lot more likely to do it again.

Once you establish a certain pattern of behavior it becomes increasingly hard to break the more you do it. Think of it this way: The Benjamin Franklin Effect is a lot more effective when you use it on people that you don’t hang around too much, because with these people you have already established a strong social dynamic. The reason for this is because once we’ve formed an opinion it’s challenging and energy-demanding to change it.

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You can and should use the Benjamin Franklin Effect to make a stronger first impression.

At some point you will have to return the favor or people will think that you’re a manipulative person who’s just using them!

The correct way to use the Benjamin Franklin effect is by using it sparingly.

I want you to try it out and see for yourself the next time you meet a new person by deliberately getting that person to do something for you.

It doesn’t really matter what they do for you as long as it’s something.

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