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Serial killers experience a cooling-off period between murders, he said.During this time, they find other ways of “compensating for their urges,” but there is eventually a personal trigger that brings them back to that bloodlust.Often times, she said, people who target members of the LGBTQ community lure their victims home or get invited to their victim’s home before killing them.The suspect could have picked victims from the Church and Wellesley area easily since the killer would have been very familiar with the community.Anyone can experience this and not become violent, but serial killers do, she explained, while glancing at a photo of Ted Bundy pinned to her office wall, and it is usually due to a strong sexual desire.At some point down the line, they cannot keep these urges under control. They start feeling the need to live out their desires by committing small crimes, and then become increasingly violent, eventually leading to outright homicide.

The FBI defines serial murder as “the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events.” What bothers Reid, is the ambiguity of that definition.As one can imagine, it is not very easy to kill someone and get away with it.Which is why, as Reid explained, serial killers must be calculated in where they choose to kill and then hide their victims.“They don’t kill people unless they get something out of it,” he said.Even still, a serial murderer is not just born that way, as Reid pointed out.

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