Go fishing dating ireland

But otherwise, most of the water in Connemara is relatively infertile, so the trout are fewer – but considerably less picky about the flies they eat!

Some people also include a slice of southern Mayo, just across beautiful Killary Harbor, and others will incudes the western end of Lough Mask.Some of the larger lakes also have populations of hold-over sea trout that grow quite large – upwards of 5 lbs. When these large brown trout turn cannibal, subsisting on a diet of their smaller brethren, the Irish refer to them as Ferox trout and hold them in understandably high esteem.The water in most of Connemara's lakes and rivers is quite acidic owing to the granite bedrock and the rain and runoff that filters through vast acres of peat.This is certainly not the case in Ireland (and Scotland) where windy conditions lend themselves to two unique fly-fishing methods: traditional lough drift fishing and dapping.Both techniques are described in detail on the “how to fish” section of site.

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