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Roughly 25% in the Donbas region said they would attend secessionist rallies in favor of joining Russia.

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According to an article from the Kyiv Post on 10 April, most of the protesters were aged 50 or older, while inside the RSA building, many of the occupiers are younger but from other cities like Mariupol, Kherson and Mykolaiv. On 7 May, Russian president Vladimir Putin publicly asked pro-Russian separatists to postpone the proposed referendum in order to create the necessary conditions for dialogue.The DPR and the Ukrainian government estimate that over 50% of the total population of Donetsk Oblast, around 1,870,000 people, live in DPR held regions.Although the rebels do not control most of Donetsk Oblast in terms of area, they hold major cities like Donetsk and Horlivka.The Kiev International Institute of Sociology released a second study with polling data taken from 8–16 April.18.1% of Donetsk oblast residents supported the recent armed seizures of administrative buildings in the region, while 72% disapprove of the current actions.

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