How to be more intimidating

He and his team hope to go on to study the fish in their Amazon river home to find out more about their acoustic repertoire. (with Ginger Baker) "Let's Start" / "Black Man's Cry" / "Ye Ye De Smell" / "Egde Mi O (Carry Me I Want To Die)" The 2001 CD release adds Ginger Baker & Tony Allen Drum Solo (Live at the 1978 Berlin Jazz Festival as a bonus track.For the most part, a blunderbuss was a hybrid between a pistol and a carbine or musketoon.It had a short stock, but was usually fired from the hip, as it is too short to fire from the shoulder.The more fierce and merciless their reputation preceding them, the better to intimidate their victims.

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Piranhas, like many other "noisy" fish, produce sounds by vibrating their swim bladders - gas-filled organs in their bodies that help regulate their buoyancy.Lead researcher Eric Parmentier, from the University of Liege, Belgium, has studied sound production and communication in a wide variety of fish species, including the charismatic clownfish and the spectacularly ugly toad fish.He already knew that red-bellied piranhas made sounds, but wanted to understand why.The team also studied the very high-speed muscles that drove this vibration."This muscle contracts and relaxes 150 times every second to vibrate the swim bladder," Dr Parmentier explained to BBC Nature.

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