How to stop dating the wrong guys

You can’t help who you’re attracted to, and being attracted to a guy is an important aspect of any relationship.However, there needs to be a whole lot more to it if it’s going to last. It’s also very true that getting out of abusive relationships is hard to do.The guys you date hate women, and have no issue badmouthing every other female around you.They wax poetic about the horrible times that their “crazy ex” hurt them.

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A lot of people know that they attract terrible people, but feel like that’s all they can ever get because of it.They tell you how all women are “shallow bitches,” and how they all are out for money.If your date says anything like this, he hates You don’t actually believe good men are out there, but you can’t wait until your next date.If so many of these honest and willing attempts to find successful romantic partnerships fail so often, what could be an underlying reason that would help ensure better odds?In my four decades of working with singles and couples, I believe I understand what it is. The best of those trades, of course, are those that work well for both. The underlying problem is that many people believe they can make a better deal than they can.

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