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AG: Oh, combination of factors… First, a general disillusionment with the fact that so often my words have been distorted, omitted, "edited", taken out of context, or misinterpreted.When I first started singing, I gave interviews, and often I would get upset when I would see the final product, but, also an important factor is that I truly do not like to talk about my private life, and too often would find myself in the unpleasant situation of being asked questions about my private life.Preview Template Organizing an event is tough work.

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Certainly, not the case with me; in fact, quite to the contrary!

Four of Astrud Gilberto's friends took turns in posing questions to her.

It had been agreed that questions of personal nature were to be avoided, and that Astrud could at any time refuse to answer, although Astrud never felt the need to exercise that "right", as she actually enjoyed very much participating in this interview, and was happy to answer all questions.", we are also posting an "INTERVIEW PART TWO", which actually contains answers to many of the questions most frequently asked by Astrud's fans, some amplification on some key subjects already contained on this website, as well as some clarifications on a few untruthful rumors and inaccurate data occasionally written about her, which have been observed by her management.

All of my friends, management, family members and musicians that have worked with me know to keep stuff written about me from me.

AG: Sure, there's a bit of curiosity, but I made up my mind a long time ago, not to read any articles or reviews about myself, as a matter of self-preservation.

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