Intimidating office chair

These are not merely trends; they are long-term changes in knowledge work.This year alone, 2.4 billion new smart phones, tablets and other digital devices will ship, according to technology researcher Gartner, Inc. A constant stream of new devices presents new ways to interact with these tools, leading to new ways of sitting.No longer are we focused on one screen and one keyboard.To gauge the effects of new technology and new ways of working, Steelcase conducted a major study of users on six continents, in a cross section of companies across industries.Researchers studied over 2,000 people to understand how the human body is responding to the influx of new technology into our work processes and work environments. It revealed that many people are often in pain, trying to adapt to rapidly changing technology and ways of working.

In many cases arms were working against the users rather than supporting them.The overall Steelcase research effort, spanning countless hours of data collection, photographs, interviews and observations, can be summed up in one, overarching insight: Steelcase needed to fundamentally shift the way that they approach designing a chair.Gesture is based on Steelcase’s global research study and the insights it yielded about how people work in a rapidly changing business environment.Employees’ initial reactions were carefully documented and recorded on video when possible, including how long it took users to discover Gesture’s adjustments.At Company A, for example, users took an average of 103.5 seconds to discover the adjustments and all users found the seat depth adjustment.

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