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Meet for a casual coffee so you have an easy escape.If things go well, coffee can always lead to dinner later.“I think if your vocation is marriage and you really want to meet someone, you have to be proactive, God will only open doors if you can turn the handle!So I am keeping my online profile but will also focus on ways of meeting people too through hobbies or nights out.” Eimear (29) started her first online dating profile in the last six months.However, Rob found he was able to get past the superficial nature of online dating.“I actually contacted a few girls who had no pictures up, but their interests and hobbies were similar to mine.

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Your goal should not be to find the perfect match (which doesn’t exist) but to explore the possibilities and then take the plunge to actually meeting someone who might have potential.

What makes you happy So when you are checking those boxes of your likes and dislikes, really evaluate what will actually make you happy.

When browsing at profiles try to avoid using online dating like a human supermarket, looking only at the packaging and not thinking about what is inside.

In the last month I have met two married couples who met online, and increasingly this will become more common.

Some dating websites claim that 1 in 3 of all their matches end up in marriage.

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