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Southcombe’s idea for this film came from reading the book of the same name written by Elsa Lewin, who was a psychoanalyst based in New York when the book was published in the 1980s.Southcombe told me that he has taken a very American centric story, and brought it home to London.In the last act of the film, we find ourselves dealing with mental illness and depression caused by grief and the film deals with this fairly if a little surface like (but it occurs too late in the film to look at deeply).

Also, by moving the story to London he does two things; he creates a character out of the atmosphere, rather than siding with the picture perfect capital, he represents the city as dull and gloomy, overbearing and watching the characters every move but he also manages to unearth an uneasy and garish undergrowth throughout the city, which the characters almost become a microcosm for within his story.Another part to the film for me, was the slightly incestious elements between the mother and daughter; specifically the scene in the bathroom when Anna was in the bath and her daughter comes in to brush her teeth, this was somewhat disturbing.During the sequence, Rampling lays posed in the bath; almost waiting to be painted.The story starts with Anna, leaving her daughter and granddaughter at home and taking part in a night of speed dating,which her daughter has persuaded her to do.Anna is represented as very frigid and organised, she shies away from human contact and doesn’t want the attention on her; therefore the following scenes introduce the audience to an unreliable character – already we know she is going to be the perfect femme fatale for this deadly noir. Anna is next seen leaving the building where Stone lived and she bumps into Byrne’s character, who is investigating amurder (which we later learn is Stone himself).

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