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“Miracles” (1975) Recorded under the modified moniker of Jefferson Starship (which would eventually become the Kantner-less Starship of “We Built This City” fame), this string-laden song helped its accompanying album, “Red Octopus,” become the best-selling release of the group’s career.

Paul Kantner, founding member of Jefferson Airplane and icon of the sixties San Francisco rock explosion, died today. Earlier this week, he suffered a heart attack, and had for years been dealing with serious health issues.

“Volunteers” (1969) A live staple throughout Kantner’s career, this got its most prominent airing at Woodstock.

This chaotic, blues-rock rooted track revealed Jefferson Airplane’s revolutionary fervor in full.

Today she leads a relatively quiet life in Malibu, a paradise for well-heeled rockers of a certain age. The audience rioted, stormed the stage and set fire to the band’s equipment, before chucking it into the river. Paul Kantner sacked her on the spot, which meant she missed playing the Knebworth Festival a few days later.

“There’s a fuzz on the ocean today so I can’t see my neighbours,” she says. My best friends are a former air stewardess and a caterer. We’ve rescued each other numerous times for drug-related problems but we’ve been sober for a long time now.”Within the year, rock’s relationship with hardcore drug abuse saw off Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison, all aged just 27. “Janis had been a friend for a short period when we were younger. Eventually, Slick faced her known demons, and she became the first high-profile rock star to admit to attending AA.“It wasn’t easy. magazine broke my anonymity about AA but it wasn’t a surprise.

Paul Kantner, who died Thursday at the age of 74, was one of San Francisco’s most iconic music figures.

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Unfortunately, she was turned away at the gates by security once they realised she’d brought along Abbie Hoffman, who was co-founder of the anarchic Yippies, as well as being high on the CIA’s Most Wanted list. Slick persevered with Kantner’s new venture, Jefferson Starship, but she grimaces at the memories. The Airplane was a smorgasbord, but the Starship I hated. I became a jail-arrested, rock’n’roll, foul-mouth bad girl.”In 1978, Slick’s antics, her no-show behaviour and total lack of self-control came to a head at a show in Hamburg. I lived on it, because the two things even each other out. “I don’t like seeing people my age leaping around, singing about their feelings when they were 23,” she says. She paints what she knows: white rabbits, portraits of dead rock stars, wine labels, marijuana plants, ice-cream- guzzling kids as metaphors for the obesity epidemic.“They used to sell well.

Luckily for the authorities, Grace Slick has left the music business, although she appeared at a post- benefit for NYC firemen – wearing a burqa – and wrote a song for victims of the New Orleans oil spill. She bought a child’s Heidi outfit, then got so smashed she decided that dressing like a Nazi, goose-stepping and giving the ‘heil Hitler’ salute – while asking: “Who won the fucking war? What might have been a hoot in California didn’t go down well in Germany. Me and Ronnie Wood have the same agent and we sell to the class of people who don’t really need art or drugs, all the stuff I like.

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