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no apology (except they said it was Father’s Day) ???

So, because a bad situation could not be turned into a “decent” situation, maybe my suggestions could turn that manager into a “can do’ manager, if he still has a job. So, I intend to be refunded for the “unknown” meal that tasted horrible, and also a refund and my original order be given me.the service was terrible after our orders were placed. Then instead of handing us our tickets, were we asked to get up from the table and form a line by a register to pay?!?!?!The worst, they charged me and the lady across from us and we didn’t even get our meal with our family.A few minutes later, the same young man delivered the meal, I tipped him, and then hurried home expecting a perfect meal, warmed up in the microwave of course. It was the Arroyo Grande, CA Chilis, and when I took the meal from the plastic bag, I was so disgusted because I had ended up with some kind of chicken sandwich with all this garbage on it.After my bad weekend, I was not prepared for this and called back to talk to a manager.

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