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To witness her metamorphosis was incredible: she’d arrived a couple of hours before, bundled up in her parka with sunglasses on, having had no sleep and in desperate need of coffee, and now she was like a pop idol from another dimension with the magnetism of Morgan le Fay.Flinging off her cap, Boucher seemed to have gained a new life-force from the screams, lights and smoke as she drenched her burnt-orange hair with water, offering another bottle to me.

In a sense, she’d always thrived on being too pop for indie and too indie for pop; now, the world was catching up.Sitting in the mottled shade by Central Park’s Belvedere Castle, the sunlight catches Boucher’s face as she sips her citrus cooler.“If I was just doing vocals it would be, like, bang-bang-bang,” she says. I’m a weird artist, because I’m held up to the standard of a bunch of pop singers by my fanbase.As a result, she’s become an icon for those that like to blur boundaries, binaries or both, speaking to an audience unusual in scope for an artist on an indie label.In pop’s hallowed hall, Boucher may be the one with the home-dyed fringe and odd socks, but it’s hard to deny that she electrifies the room.

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