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But recently the veil has perhaps started to lift a little.She was reasonably happy to promote her 2011 album 50 Words For Snow, granting phone interviews to whatever publication wanted one.Still, appearing on Irish television for the first (and, it transpires, final) occasion, it is Bush’s self possession that shines through.For the past six months the eyes of the world have been on this shy young woman: nonetheless she appears entirely in control, not exactly comfortable with fame, certainly not intimidated by it.

It was the first time she had been before the cameras since the early 1990s and onlookers were struck at how little she had changed: at 53 clearly she was no longer the waifish pixie-child who had graced the cover of The Kick Inside, her debut album from 1979.

However, the hair, long, just this side of unkept, was exactly as we had remembered, her eyes still those big, liquid pools, glimmering mischievously. Her father was a doctor, her mother a former Irish dancer.

From childhood she sensed she had a higher calling (“School inhibited me.

SHE doesn’t seem nervous in the least – not even when the interviewer tries to push the conversation in a personal direction by asking the maiden name of her Irish mother.

Smilingly elusively from beneath a tangle of ringlets, Kate Bush purses her lips, explains she’d rather not go into that: since overnight fame kicked down the door on her life, her family has started to feel besieged by the media.

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