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And then I’m, like, okay, it’s actually under this name, sorry, I forgot.

And it’s just — so ingrained in me as who I am that I get — I just want that to be what I can do. All persons have the right to change their name at will, as long as the change does not interfere with another’s rights and is not being made for fraudulent purposes.

First, the team launched a personalized, interactive website that lets readers explore our more than 60 video interview clips based on their interests.

In that vein, we strove to create digital portals that encouraged interaction with our sources’ stories and allowed the reader to chart their own course through the word.The petition provided all the information required by law.Three days later, the trial court denied the petition without a hearing, citing the lack of a “valid reason” for the name change. At the hearing, the trial court received testimony from Child, both parents, and written statements from the child’s treating physician, therapist, and teacher.The Des Moines Register attempted to answer these questions in a six-part series that paired the tools of investigative journalism with the lyrical touch of narrative storytelling.Speaking with almost 50 transgender Iowans of all ages and races, the Register’s objective was to look at the issues facing this oft-sidelined community through the lens of the people who live it every day.

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