Kobe bryant dating cheerleader

You need to have talent, dedication, and solid focus.

But just like with any job, the game can take a big toll on your stress levels, so it couldn’t hurt to have a beautiful, smart lady by your side! NBA star Tristan Thompson previously dated Instagram model Jordan Craig, with whom he later had a baby while already dating Khloe Kardashian.

James Harden’s girlfriend Jessyka Janshel is a social media model and allegedly attends beauty school in Houston.

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meaning they’re really keeping things within the clan!

Le Bron James, the NBA superstar known for marrying his high school sweetheart in 2013 (and a few accomplishments on the basketball court), is determined in his relationship.

His beautiful wife Savannah, according to him, is his biggest gift!

She and her NBA Champion husband have been together since 2011.

Jewel has been by JR’s side for a substantial amount of time now, giving birth to their three children, including their 5 months prematurely born daughter Dakota.

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