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''I’m too busy with my job.'' His job is considerable.

The Ninth Circuit is the largest of the federal circuits, encompassing nine Western states. In his opinion, being a judge is ''the best job in the world…you don’t have to worry about getting clients or fighting with your partners or any of that.

It’s not going to help anything—and all it’s going to do is emphasize the weakness of your position. The president himself has come after the Circuit saying that 80 percent of your decisions are overturned by the Supreme Court. I don’t think it’s the job of the judiciary to stand in the way.

Lesley Stahl: So, he’s just advertising that he’s on shaky ground? Alex Kozinski: The 9th Circuit can’t be split, and won’t be split. Alex Kozinski: Generally when the Supreme Court takes cases they take ‘em to overturn. Trump’s quarrel with the 9th Circuit heated up after it upheld a lower court’s blocking of his controversial travel ban. But judges, as a class, are not a speaking out group. Lesley Stahl: But do you feel an increased tension?

Rather recently, he's been associated with a highly visible pornography scandal related to one of his cases, and now this.

A video documenting his appearance long ago on The Dating Game, a wonderful piece of Americana.

''I clerked, so it was always in the back of my mind.

Everybody understands that you’re not going to get the sun and they moon. Alex Kozinski: I think the use of lethal injection is the way of lying to ourselves, to make it look like executions are peaceful, are benign, are sort of like going to sleep, and they’re not. In his ruling on thousands of cases, there’s one constant: a deep-rooted distrust of authority which, like his thick accent, is a product of his childhood. And then we got to Vienna, and I discovered chocolate, and bubble gum, and bananas! By the time he and his parents moved to Los Angeles when he was 17, he was all-American with a streak of flamboyance -- as when he made his TV debut on the “Dating Game” – up against Squiggy of “Laverne and Shirley.” Announcer: And we’ll try it with bachelor #1 first.

Judge Kozinski once told a crowd of Chicago Law students that he didn’t get to go to Mexico; the other contestant had a boyfriend, and asked to substitute him in the future judge’s stead.

Kozinski’s dissent actually prompted the federal prosecutor to drop the charges, and the man was released from prison after serving three years.

In his dissent, Kozinski presented a fictional conversation between the defendant and his lawyer about how the law was upheld but justice was denied.

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