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Arab nations have lost three wars against their arch-foe - and America's closest ally - Israel.

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They feel humiliated."Ask Sheikh Abdul Majeed Atta why Palestinians may not like the United States, and he does not immediately answer.The resentment of the US has spread through societies demoralized by their recent history.In few of the world's 50 or so Muslim countries have governments offered their citizens either prosperity or democracy.Instead, he pads barefoot across the red swirls of his living room carpet and reaches for three framed photographs on the floor beside a couch.The black-and-white prints show dusty, rock-strewn hills dotted with tiny tents and cinderblock houses: the early days of Duheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem in the West Bank. Atta was born, and where his family has lived for more than half a century.

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