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2: Good Time For A Bad Attitude Everclear ~ Slow Motion Daydream Everclear ~ Welcome To The Drama Club Return To Santa Monica Evergreen Terrace ~ Losing All Hope Is Freedom Evergreen Terrace ~ Burned Alive By Time Evergreen Terrace ~ Writer's Block Evergreen Terrace ~ At Our Worst Evergreen Terrace ~ Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business Evergreen Terrace ~ Wolfbiker Evergreen Terrace ~ Almost Homeself-titled The Everly Brothers ~ Bye Bye Love Every Avenue ~ self-titled Every Avenue ~ This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things [EP]Every Avenue ~ Ah! Just Go With It Every Avenue ~ Picture Perfect Prove It The Explosion ~ Flash Flash Flash The Explosion ~ Black Tape Explosions In The Sky ~ How Strange, Innocence Explosions In The Sky ~ Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die...

Explosions In The Sky ~ The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place Explosions In The Sky ~ The Rescue Explosions In The Sky ~ All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone Faber Drive ~ Seven Second Surgery Faber Drive ~ Can't Keep A Secret Face To Face ~ Don't Turn Away Face To Face ~ Big Choice Face To Face ~ self-titled Face To Face ~ Ignorance Is Bliss Face To Face ~ Reactionary Face To Face ~ Standards And Practices Face To Face ~ How To Ruin Everything Coast To Coast: Overture And Beginners Facing New York ~ Swimming Not Treading [EP]Facing New York ~ self-titled Facing New York ~ Get Hot FACT ~ self-titled FACT ~ In The Blink Of An Eye The Faint ~ Media The Faint ~ Blank-Wave Arcade The Faint ~ Blank-Wave Arcade Remixes The Faint ~ Danse Macabre The Faint ~ Danse Macabre Remixes The Faint ~ Wet From Birth The Faint ~ Fasciinatiion Fair ~ Disappearing World Fairweather ~ If They Move...

The Fold ~ This Too Shall Pass The Fold ~ Secrets Keep You Sick The Fold ~ Stargazer [EP]The Fold ~ Dear Future, Come Get Me Folly ~ Insanity Later Foo Fighters ~ self-titled Foo Fighters ~ The Colour And The Shape Foo Fighters ~ There Is Nothing Left To Lose Foo Fighters ~ One By One Foo Fighters ~ In Your Honor Hop E.

P.assion [EP]Forever In A Day ~ It's So Well Rehearsed [EP]Forever In Terror ~ Restless In The Tides Forever Midnight Sun ~ It's All A Choice Now [EP]Forever The Sickest Kids ~ Television Off, Party On [EP]Forever The Sickest Kids ~ Hot Party Jamz [EP]Forever The Sickest Kids ~ Underdog Alma Mater Forever The Sickest Kids ~ The Weekend: Part One- Friday Torches Fountains Of Wayne ~ self-titled Fountains Of Wayne ~ Utopia Parkway Fountains Of Wayne ~ Welcome Interstate Managers Fountains Of Wayne ~ Traffic And Weather Four Letter Lie ~ Her Escape [EP]Four Letter Lie ~ This Scarecrow Needs A Flame [EP]Four Letter Lie ~ Let Your Body Take Over Four Letter Lie ~ What A Terrible Thing To Say Four Letter Lie ~ A New Day Four Year Strong ~ Demo Four Year Strong ~ 2006 Demo Four Year Strong ~ It's Our Time Four Year Strong ~ Rise Or Die Trying Four Year Strong ~ Explains It All Four Year Strong ~ It's Not The Size Of The 7''... [EP]Madball ~ Legacy Madball ~ Infiltrate The System Appearance Disappear Marilyn Manson ~ Portrait Of An American Family Marilyn Manson ~ Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson ~ Mechanical Animals Marilyn Manson ~ Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)Marilyn Manson ~ The Golden Age Of Grotesque Marilyn Manson ~ Eat Me, Drink Me Marilyn Manson ~ The High End Of Low Marilyn Manson ~ Born Villain Marley, Bob ~ Legend The Hunter Matchbook Romance ~ Smalltown Rivals [EP]Matchbook Romance ~ If All Else Fails [EP]Matchbook Romance ~ Nada Demo Matchbook Romance ~ West For Wishing [EP]Matchbook Romance ~ Stories And Alibis Matchbook Romance ~ Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack Split Matchbook Romance ~ Voices Matchbox Twenty ~ Yourself Or Someone Like You Matchbox Twenty ~ Mad Season Matchbox Twenty ~ More Than You Think You Are Matchbox Twenty ~ Exile On Mainstream The Matches ~ E. Matt And Kim ~ Grand Sidewalks Maxeen ~ self-titled Maxeen ~ Hello Echo Maybe Next Year ~ Keep Your Fingers Crossed [EP]Mayday Parade ~ Tales Told By Dead Friends [EP]Mayday Parade ~ A Lesson In Romantics Mayday Parade ~ Anywhere But Here self-titled Mayer, John ~ Room For Squares Mayer, John ~ Heavier Things Mayer, John ~ Continuum Mayer, John ~ Battle Studies Mayer, John ~ Born And Raised Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster ~ self-titled Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster ~ IIMaylene And The Sons Of Disaster ~ IIIMaylene And The Sons Of Disaster ~ Somnia And Storrow Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Have A Ball Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Are A Drag Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Blow In The Wind Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Take A Break Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Love Their Country Me First And The Gimme Gimmes ~ Have Another Ball Thinking Of You Mellencamp, John ~ The Best That I Could Do (1978-1988)Melvins ~ Houdini Melvins ~ Prick Melvins ~ Stoner Witch Melvins ~ Stag Melvins ~ Honky Melvins ~ The Maggot Melvins ~ The Bootlicker Melvins ~ The Crybaby Melvins ~ Electroretard Melvins ~ Hostile Ambient Takeover Melvins ~ (A) Senile Animal Melvins ~ Nude With Boots Believe It Merriweather, Daniel ~ Love And War Meshuggah ~ Contradictions Collapse Meshuggah ~ Destroy Erase Improve Meshuggah ~ Chaosphere Meshuggah ~ Nothing Meshuggah ~ Catch Thirtythree Meshuggah ~ ob Zen The Mess ~ Songs For Healing Red Skies Ahead Mest ~ Mo' Money, Mo' 40z Mest ~ Wasting Time Mest ~ Destination Unknown Mest ~ self-titled Mest ~ Photographs Metallica ~ Kill 'Em All Metallica ~ Ride The Lightning Metallica ~ Master Of Puppets Metallica ~ ...

Kill Them Fairweather ~ Lusitania A Faith Called Chaos ~ Forgive Nothing Faith No More ~ The Platinum Collection Fake Problems ~ It's Great To Be Alive Real Ghosts Caught On Tape The Fall Of Troy ~ Doppelgänger The Fall Of Troy ~ Manipulator The Fall Of Troy ~ Phantom On The Horizon [EP]The Fall Of Troy ~ In The Unlikely Event Fall Out Boy ~ Fall Out Boy's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend Fall Out Boy ~ Take This To Your Grave Fall Out Boy ~ My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue [EP]Fall Out Boy ~ From Under The Cork Tree Fall Out Boy ~ Infinity On High Fall Out Boy ~ Folie à Deux Fall Out Boy ~ Believers Never Die: Greatest Hits Fallbrooke ~ self-titled Filthy Habits Far-Less ~ A Toast To Bad Taste Fastball ~ Make Your Mama Proud Fastball ~ All The Pain Money Can Buy Fastball ~ The Harsh Light Of Day Fastball ~ Keep Your Wig On Fastball ~ Little White Lies Faster Faster ~ Hopes And Dreams The Fastest Kid Alive ~ Just A Little Brighter [EP] Playing With Fire Feeling Left Out ~ Two To The Chest To Remember, One To The Head To Forget Feeling Left Out ~ Once Upon A Time [EP]The Felix Culpa ~ Thought Control [EP]The Felix Culpa ~ So So Remission [EP]The Felix Culpa ~ Sever Your Roots Fenix TX ~ self-titled Fenix TX ~ Lechuza FIAD ~ Midnight In Your Room FIAD ~ Demo Fight Fair ~ Settle The Score [EP]Proof That Ghosts Exist Fightstar ~ They Liked You Better When You Were Dead [EP]Fightstar ~ Grand Unification Fightstar ~ One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours Fightstar ~ Alternate Endings Fightstar ~ Be Human Fightstar ~ Be Human [Deluxe Edition]Fightstar ~ A City On Fire [EP]Filter ~ Title Of Record self-titled Fireflight ~ For Those Who Wait Firescape ~ Rearden's Conscience [EP]Fireworks ~ We Are Everywhere [EP]Fireworks ~ Adventure, Nostalgia And Robbery [EP]Fireworks ~ All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion The End Is Near Five Minute Ride ~ The World Needs Convincing Of All That It's Missing [EP]Five Years On The Streets ~ various artists Flatfoot 56 ~ Knuckles Up Flatfoot 56 ~ Jungle Of The Midwest Sea The Flatliners ~ Cynics [EP]The Flatliners ~ Cavalcade Flamingo Flowers For Dorian ~ Phone Calls, Car Rides [EP]Fly Upright Kite ~ Every Breathing Moment [EP]Fly Upright Kite ~ Weightless [EP]Flyleaf ~ self-titled Flyleaf ~ Memento Mori FM Static ~ What Are You Waiting For?

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Is Dead Crime In Stereo ~ Selective Wreckage Crime In Stereo ~ I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone Cure ~ Boys Don't Cry The Cure ~ Seventeen Seconds The Cure ~ Faith The Cure ~ Pornography The Cure ~ The Top The Cure ~ The Head On The Door The Cure ~ Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me The Cure ~ Disintegration The Cure ~ Wish The Cure ~ Wild Mood Swings The Cure ~ Bloodflowers The Cure ~ self-titled The Cure ~ Dream A Current Affair ~ Life In An Hourglass [EP]A Current Affair ~ The Real Devastation [EP]Cursive ~ Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes Cursive ~ The Storms Of Early Summer Semantics Of Song Cursive ~ Silver Scooter/Cursive Split Cursive ~ Domestica Cursive ~ Burst And Bloom [EP]Cursive ~ The Ugly Organ Cursive ~ The Difference Between Houses And Homes Cursive ~ Happy Hollow Cursive ~ Mama, I'm Swollen Ironiclast Damone ~ From The Attic Damone ~ Out Here All Night Damone ~ Roll The Dice Dance Gavin Dance ~ Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean [EP]Dance Gavin Dance ~ Downtown Battle Mountain Dance Gavin Dance ~ self-titled Dance Gavin Dance ~ Happiness Teenage Rampage Daphne Loves Derby ~ self-titled Daphne Loves Derby ~ Closing Down The Pattern Department [EP]Daphne Loves Derby ~ Acoustic [EP]Daphne Loves Derby ~ On The Strength Of All Convinced Daphne Loves Derby ~ Good Night, Witness Light The Dark Knight [Original Movie Soundtrack]Darkest Hour ~ The Mark Of The Judas Darkest Hour ~ So Sedated, So Secure Darkest Hour ~ Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation Darkest Hour ~ Undoing Ruin Darkest Hour ~ Deliver Us Darkest Hour ~ The Eternal Return Darkest Peru ~ self-titled [EP] Until We Say It’s Over [EP]The Darlings ~ self-titled [EP]Dashboard Confessional ~ The Drowning [EP]Dashboard Confessional ~ The Swiss Army Romance Dashboard Confessional ~ The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most Dashboard Confessional ~ Summer's Kiss [EP]Dashboard Confessional ~ So Impossible [EP]Dashboard Confessional ~ MTV Unplugged 2.0Dashboard Confessional ~ A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar Dashboard Confessional ~ Dusk And Summer Dashboard Confessional ~ The Shade Of Poison Trees Dashboard Confessional ~ The Wire Tapes, Volume 1Dashboard Confessional ~ Alter The Ending Dashboard Confessional ~ The Swiss Army Bro-Mance [EP]Daughtry ~ self-titled Daughtry ~ Leave This Town The Northbound Trains [EP]Days Away ~ The Feel Of It [EP]Days Away ~ L. Dropkick Murphys ~ Blackout Dropkick Murphys ~ The Singles Collection: Volume Two Dropkick Murphys ~ The Warrior's Code Dropkick Murphys ~ The Meanest Of Times Going Out In Style Dropout Year ~ Seven Unreturned Phonecalls [EP]Dropout Year ~ Best Friends For Never [EP]Dropout Year ~ On A Lighter Note [EP]Dropout Year ~ The Way We Play [EP]Dropping Daylight ~ Brace Yourself Live From Hot Topic [EP]Duff, Hilary ~ Metamorphosis Duff, Hilary ~ self-titled Duff, Hilary ~ Most Wanted Duff, Hilary ~ Dignity Duke, Matt ~ Kingdom Underground Duran Duran ~ self-titled Duran Duran ~ Rio Duran Duran ~ Seven And The Ragged Tiger Duran Duran ~ Notorious Duran Duran ~ Big Thing Duran Duran ~ Liberty Duran Duran ~ The Wedding Album Duran Duran ~ Thank You Duran Duran ~ Medazzaland Duran Duran ~ Pop Trash Duran Duran ~ Astronaut Duran Duran ~ Red Carpet Massacre All You Need Is Now Dylan, Bob ~ self-titled Dylan, Bob ~ The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Dylan, Bob ~ The Times They Are A-Changin'Dylan, Bob ~ Another Side Of Bob Dylan Dylan, Bob ~ Bringing It All Back Home Dylan, Bob ~ Highway 61 Revisited Dylan, Bob ~ Blonde On Blonde Dylan, Bob ~ John Wesley Harding Dylan, Bob ~ Nashville Skyline Dylan, Bob ~ New Morning Dylan, Bob ~ Planet Waves Dylan, Bob ~ Blood On The Tracks Dylan, Bob ~ The Basement Tapes Dylan, Bob ~ Desire Dylan, Bob ~ Street-Legal Dylan, Bob ~ Slow Train Coming Dylan, Bob ~ Saved Dylan, Bob ~ Shot Of Love Dylan, Bob ~ Infidels Dylan, Bob ~ Empire Burlesque Dylan, Bob ~ Knocked Out Loaded Dylan, Bob ~ Down In The Groove Dylan, Bob ~ Oh Mercy Dylan, Bob ~ Under The Red Sky Dylan, Bob ~ Good As I Been To You Dylan, Bob ~ World Gone Wrong Dylan, Bob ~ Time Out Of Mind Dylan, Bob ~ Love And Theft Dylan, Bob ~ Modern Times Dylan, Bob ~ Together Through Life Dynamite Boy ~ self-titled Newest Versions [EP]The Early November ~ So This Is Fun?Each monthly event provides audiences with a world premiere production and an inside look at the creative process behind new works, including exclusive access to artists.“For the past twelve years, Theatre Thursday events have offered theatregoers an affordable theatre experience in various neighborhoods in Chicago.Each evening offers a close look at the production and encourages people to try something new.They're a stellar resource for theatre lovin' locals and visitors alike.Note these dates and come to Theatre Thursdays like we vote in Chi, IL... The League of Chicago Theatres announces the Theatre Thursday event line-up for the 2017-2018 Chicago theatre season, featuring one World Premiere per month.

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