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“It literally started in the Stone Age and went all the way to the beginning of the 20th Century. And you have the last, roughly, 100 years, in this strange part of human development where, through very explainable and very clear historical circumstances, we got rid of beauty.

Both Jessica and I think it is time to let it back in.” Sagmeister is referring to the advent of functionalism, when rational thought and purpose became the driving forces behind design. This is what we are going to be talking about, explaining and breaking down,” explains Walsh.

For all the award-winning client work with its pumped up aesthetics and zeitgeist-capturing nous, it is the personal projects of Sagmeister & Walsh that shine brightest. Both were examinations of particularly current phenomena, exercised with either Sagmeister or Walsh as the principal protagonists.

Now, together, their gaze has fallen on the idea of beauty and they are keen to work out just what it is.

“It’s a project that appeals to the general public.

We think of ourselves as somewhat experts in this field.

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh have been thinking about beauty.

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“The antithesis of beauty is not ugliness, it is carelessness,” he opines. But I think when we really talk about beauty, we talk about formal intent. It is never about minimalism or baroque, its always about the ultimate decision – was it done with love and care or did nobody give a shit?

“It is true of everywhere in the world, the stuff that is ugly is normally never the stuff that someone wanted to make ugly, it is always the stuff that someone didn’t give a shit about. The ‘nobody gave a shit’ world is huge…” launched in Vienna and will travel the world.

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