Make a dating sim

I've dabbled in a little bit of everything over the years, but I primarily now stick with creating objects.

For TS2 and TS3, my creations are all TSRAA, so you can upload them with your lots here to TSR.

If you wish to modify my content in some way for personal use, go ahead. I've tested the functionality of my set extensviely, and all objects... ) that three items from Alexia Living Room and two from my MVK Kitchen are having a weird issue in which the thumbnail for them is showing up as the original daffodil vase that the items were cloned from.

If you wish to modify or reuse any parts of my content for any reason that is not for your own personal use, or if you want to share the modification, please contact me first. Halloween is quickly approaching, and I've started making a few little deco bits to celebrate! There is nothing actually wrong with the items themselves, but the incorrect thumbnails in game may lead to some confusion... More We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin.

Becoming friends will unlock the 'High Five' interaction, good friends will unlock 'Bro Hug' interaction, and best friends will unlock 'Chest Bump' interaction.

Preteens and older are able to have romantic relationships.

Start a chain reaction, or introduce non-radioactive isotopes to prevent one.

You get to recruit random girls from different backgrounds, train them, and work them in the brothel, or maybe sell them to special customers.

There are several stages to friendly relationships.Anyone using an Ad-blocker plugin will be forced to wait 180 seconds instead of 10 on the "please wait" page.VIP Membership For as little as .00 per month you can become a VIP member.As you make money, you can expand the brothel, build different theme sections (like a maid cafe out front), "upgrade" the girls, buy new toys etc.You might also have to manage your relationships or otherwise prevent the girls from running away.

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